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Brand Story


Befact Technologies was established in December, 2005 and started from a hardware (circuit) design service business. Befact delivers design and integration solutions for customers in networking (data communication) and industrial control (automation) fields. Befact has our own complete design flow chart to ensure the quality result. And work hard to help our clients to fit their specifications, even more advanced solutions and respect schedules for time to market. Befact always hopes our clients own excellent, robust and reliable products to keep advantages in markets.

Although, we worked very hard and efficient, a lot of clients were in waiting list that could not be served by us in time because the time slot could not be fitted in with schedule. Befact always appreciated supports from clients and that was a point Befact needed improvement. How to help more clients? It was the most important issue in that moment. The 2007 was an important year for Befact. Befact released two series of embedded Power over Ethernet (PoE) PD Modules, TPD and THPD (PoE+), in 2007. Finally, we figured out the solution. Befact always hopes and appreciates our clients can be satisfied by our service and products.

For Now and Future
How to support more clients? It becomes a power of growth for Befact. We are keeping walking for more advanced, robust and high performance technologies. Befact hopes and appreciates our clients can be satisfied by our service and products.


Befact Technologies - Brand Story

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