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Hardware Design Flow

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21. Ending
21-1. Provide hardware design document.
21-2. Close project.

2. Verify Hardware & Software Interface (Optional)
Define and confirm the interface between hardware and software, include computation power, definition of input and output port, memory size, system expansion / flexibility capability, schedule of BSP porting and integration, technical contact window and integration density.. etc.

20. Certification (Optional)
Provide hardware support according to client's requirement.

19. System Integration (Optional)
19-1. Provide hardware support according to client's requirement.
19-2. Make check list according to client's requirement.
19-3. Perform Befact's hardware check list if client has no special concerns.

18. Stability Verification (Optional)
Base on client's requirement.

17. Hardware Design Verification
17-1. Functionality debug.
17-2. Make check list based on client's requirement.
17-3. Perform Befact's hardware check list if client has no special concerns.

16. Check PCBA
16-1. According to client's requirement to check PCBA.
16-2. Base on Befact's hardware check list to review PCBA if client has no any special concerns.

15. PCBA Fabrication
Make PCBA.

14. Check PCB
14-1. Check PCB according to client's requirement.
14-2. Review PCB according to  Befact's hardware check list.

13. PCB Fabrication
Make PCB.

12. Review Layout
12-1. Review the layout according to client's requirement.
12-2. Review the layout according to Befact's layout check list.

11. PCB Layout
11-1. Placement.
11-2. Trace routing.
11-3. Test points.
11-4. Optical reference spots.
11-5. PCB stack.
11-6. Impedance control.
11-7. Reserve EMI/EMC solution as possibly.
11-8. Requested by the client.

10. Review Net-list
Make sure the schematics is consistent to the net-lists and all flaws are corrected.

9. Create Net-list of Schematics
The overture of PCB layout.

8. Verify Schematics
Review schematics for flaws.

7. Design Schematics
Design circuitry based on client's final specification.

6. Survey Key / Critical Components
Check lead time, price and performance..etc. for key and critical components.

5. Verify Block Diagram
Review and confirm block diagram.
4. Design Block Diagram
Create block diagram of hardware platform.
1. Hardware Specification
Specifications should be described clearly as a doable platform along with all possible applications. It should also include software features, schedule, PCB dimensions & possible stack utility as well as drill location, hardware and software interface, certification and BOM cost requirement.
3. Verify & Finalize Specification
Discuss and review to finalize the specifications, proceed by hardware check list.


Hardware Design Flow
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