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Extended Temperature Embedded PoE PD Module
PDI Series Module



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Application Note

The PDI series of modules are designed as embedded isolated PoE PD solutions for extended working temperature environment (-40°C ~ +85°C). They can support a reliable and stable PoE application in critical conditions, like higher temperature fields, the sealed housing, enclosed type devices, …etc.

The PDI modules are fully integrated, less thermal accumulation and high DC/DC converting efficiency PD modules, PDI-12 is 92% DC/DC converting efficiency @ full load; PDI-50is 89% DC/DC converting efficiency @ full load. Tiny size, 60mm (L) x 16.7mm (W) X16mm (H) and less external components is needed, one output decoupling capacitor.

PDI modules support two different output voltage modules – PDI-50 (12W / 5Vdc) and PDI-12 (12W / 12Vdc). The PDI modules are also designed to pin to pin compatible with TPD and SPD modules. All capacitors on module are MLCC equipped only to reduce the risks coming from the failed EC capacitors.


  • IEEE802.3af compliant.

  • Extended working temperature (-40°C ~ +85°C).

  • Support PoE applications in both of Fast / Gigabit Ethernet environments.

  • Support wide input voltage range - 37Vdc to 57Vdc.

  • Thermal cut off.

  • Short circuit protection.

  • Over current protection.

  • High DC/DC converting efficiency.

  • Less external component – one output decoupling capacitor.

  • Isolation level 1.5KVrms.

  • Enhanced surge protection.

  • Internal build in 2 channel bridge rectifiers support end-point and mid-span mode.


  • Wireless Access Point (AP)

  • VoIP Phone

  • Surveillance System

  • IP Camera

  • PTZ Camera

  • Security System

  • Fingerprint Identification

  • WiMAX Base Station

  • PoE Clock

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Remote Display Board

  • Point of Sale (POS) System

  • Media Converter

  • Stand Alone PoE Splitter

  • Isolated DC/DC Converter

PDI Series Product List:

Part Number

Nominal Output Voltage / Current

Maximum Output Power

Nominal Input Voltage



5.1Vdc / 2.4A

12W @ 25°C




12Vdc / 1.0A

12W @ 25°C






PoE PD Module - PDI Module

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