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Embedded Tiny High Power
Quad Port PSE Module PSE-HQD

General Description:
The PSE-HQD module is a high power quad port power sourcing equipment (PSE), power sourcing manager and backward compatible to Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af standard). PSE-HQD module works with normal power / high power powered devices (PD) to complete PoE links (4 PoE links, simultaneously) and provides power to remote device via conventional Category 5 Ethernet cable.

PSE-HQD supports IEEE 802.3af power classification, class 0 to class 4, including high power mode, for IEEE 802.3af compliant normal power / high power powered device (PD) and equips maximum total power protection (160W) to prevent damage from short circuit or over current condition to provide more safely operation on PoE application. Tiny size, 92mm (L) X 25.1mm (W) X 24mm (H), input voltage is from 39Vdc to 60Vdc. Operation ambient temperature is from -15°C to 55°C @ full load.


  • IEEE802.3af compliant.

  • Support PoE application in both of Fast / Gigabit Ethernet environments.

  • Support end-point and mid-span mode

  • Per Port 650mA (maximum current).

  • Support high power mode and backward compatible to normal power mode.

  • Maximum total power protection.

  • Support PD power classification from class 0 to class 4.

  • Per port over/under voltage protection.

  • Per port short circuit protection.

  • Per port over current protection.

  • Thermal cut off.

  • Equip common mode choke (per port) to reduce EMI.

  • Enhance current surge protection.

  • Per port PSE status indication.


  • Fast Ethernet Gateway / Router

  • Gigabit Ethernet Gateway / Router

  • Fast Ethernet Switch

  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • VoIP Gateway

  • Media Gateway

  • Integrated Access Device (IAD)

  • Video Server in Surveillance System

  • Security System Central Controller

  • Point of Sale (POS) System

  • Media Converter

  • Stand Alone PoE+ Injector




PoE+ PSE Module - PSE-HQD Module

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