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Thin Type Fully Integrated Embedded PoE PD Module
SPD Series Module



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Application Note

The SPD series of modules are designed as embedded isolated PoE PD solutions. SPD modules are fully integrated, thin type and high DC/DC converting efficiency PD modules.

The SPD modules are compliant with IEEE 802.3af power classification, Class 0 to Class 3, signature and support PSE Alternative A and Alternative B connections. Maximum power output can reach 12W (SPD-12, 89% DC/DC efficiency@ full load). Tiny size, 60mm (L) x 16.9mm (W) X16mm (H), wide input voltage range, 37Vdc to 55Vdc and less external components needed one output decoupling capacitor. The operating temperature is from -15oC to 55oC, @ Full load.

SPD modules support two different output voltage modules - 5Vdc and 12Vdc. SPD modules follow the design concept of TPD and THPD modules, using multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) only, to avoid instability even malfunction issue within long-time operation or higher temperature condition. And SPD modules are also pin to pin compatible with TPD modules.


  • IEEE802.3af compliant.

  • Low cost.

  • Support PoE applications in both of Fast / Gigabit Ethernet environments.

  • Support wide input voltage range- 37Vdc to 55Vdc.

  • Thermal cut off.

  • Short circuit protection.

  • Over current protection.

  • High DC/DC converting efficiency.

  • Less external component one output decoupling capacitor.

  • Isolation level 1.5KVrms.

  • Enhanced surge protection.

  • Internal build in 2 channel bridge rectifiers support end-point and mid-span mode.


  • Wireless Access Point (AP)

  • VoIP Phone

  • Surveillance System

  • IP Camera

  • PTZ Camera

  • Security System

  • Fingerprint Identification

  • WiMAX Base Station

  • PoE Clock

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Remote Display Board

  • Point of Sale (POS) System

  • Media Converter

  • Stand Alone PoE Splitter

  • Isolated DC/DC Converter

SPD Series Product List:

Part Number

Nominal Output Voltage / Current

Maximum Output Power

Nominal Input Voltage



5.1Vdc / 2.35A

12W @ 25°C




12Vdc / 1.0A

12W @ 25°C






PoE PD Module - SPD Module

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