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Press Release


Industrial Temperature Embedded PoE MODULE
with Ultra High DC/DC Converting Efficiency

Befact Technologies releases a new industrial temperature (-40°C ~ 85°C) Power over Ethernet (PoE) PD module, PDI modules. PDI modules are fully integrated and isolated PoE PD module. They are compliant with IEEE802.3af – 2003 and designed to reach the ultra high DC/DC converting efficiency (PDI-12 is 92% in full load condition; PDI-50 is 89% in full load condition). It is a new achievement of Befact Technologies.

The high DC/DC converting efficiency can have excellent performance in power strength, thermal and reliability. PDI can extract more power to target system and much lower efficiency consumption to improve heat accumulation of target system. The low risk of thermal issue can have a great help in reliability of target system and PD module. PDI modules are more suitable for heavy power target systems with lower thermal issue.

Specially, PDI modules can support more critical operating conditions, like higher temperature environments and sealed housing. All of capacitors of PDI are Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC). MLCC can help PD module to survive in critical environment (higher / lower temperature) and has no risk of Electrolytic Capacitor (EC). PDI modules are suitable for high reliability, stability and long life cycle target systems in PoE environments.

An ease of use module can improve the design phase for system designer, PDI modules are designed in this way. Support alternative A / B mode directly, lower extra cost (one extra decoupling capacitor is needed) and Fast / Gigabit Ethernet environments. PDI modules can improve design schedule efficiently and be a robust power source in PoE applications.


Befact Technologies PoE/PoE+ Modules Press Release - PDI Module

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