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Press Release


New Revolution PoE/PoE+ PSE Modules

Befact Technologies launches embedded quad port PSE module, PSE-QD(normal power)&PSE-HQD(high power) in September, 2008. PSE-QD and PSE-HQD are standard and IEEE802.3af compliant embedded Power Sourcing Equipment modules. Also, PSE-HQD supports high power mode. Befact puts high emphasis on safety issue, so we provide double protection mechanism to protect your design. PSE modules not only equip per port over current protection (PSE-QD, 450mA/per port; PSE-HQD, 650mA/per port) but also have total power limit protection (PSE-QD maximum total power protection, 109W; PSE-HQD maximum total power protection, 160W). Besides, PSE-QD and PSE-HQD still provide under/over voltage protection, so Befact would like to recommend you this more safer and higher quality PoE/PoE+ total solution to make you feel convenient when you design.

Below are the key features of PSE-QD and PSE-HQD

  • IEEE802.3af compliant.

  • Per Port maximum output – PSE-QD, 450mA; PSE-HQD, 650mA.

  • PSE-HQD supports high power mode and backward compatible to normal power mode.

  • Support DC disconnection.

  • Maximum total power protection.

  • Support PD power classification from class 0 to class 4.

  • Per port over/under voltage protection.

  • Per port short circuit protection.

  • Per port over current protection.

  • Thermal cut off.

  • Equip common mode choke (per port) to reduce EMI.

  • Enhance current surge protection.

  • Per port PSE status indication.

Both of PSE-QD and PSE-HQD can support double power mode operation (PSE-QD, 40W/per RJ45 port; PSE-HQD, 60W/per RJ45 port) for high power consumption remote device, and so do THPD& TPD module. For example, when PSE-HQD & THPD-12 are applied in the same PoE link simultaneously and they are operated in dual power mode, THPD-12 can offer up to 42W to remote device. So Befact PoE solution is also suitable for high power consumption product to utilize.


Befact Technologies PoE/PoE+ Modules Press Release - PSE-QD / PSE-HQD Module

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